Jan Dederick

ten's a line of ones if you think about it.
ten tens side by side? hundred square, don't doubt it!
ten hundred squares stack up, a thousand cube to become
otherwise known as ten times ten times ten to some.
extend this line of thinking, and ten-cubed then defines
a point! and ten thousand-cubes lined up, a line!
place ten lines of cubes in ten by ten array
a hundred-thousand square, or ten to the fifth, hooray!
point, line, square, point line, square, life in three dimensions.
ten hundred-thousand squares stack up to a lovely pension.


  1. ...from Gary Imperial:

    I enjoyed the detail in this poem...the concept made it 3D for me.

  2. For a word person (like me) this poem is a humorous and easy way to remember ten to several powers.