Karen Audioun Klingman


10 has been a lucky number for many of us
my birthday falls on 10-10, no I'm not kidding you
2010 holds out more hope for hitting my lucky stride
with 10-10-10 on my side I might win the lotto
and Brett Favre whose birthday is the same day may
make 10 beautiful passes into the end zone for touchdowns
it's all up to the gods or some calendar guru
this date only comes once in a lifetime, if that
it's clear I will not live to see another tri-fecta
so I'll celebrate this one with friends food and wine


  1. How many years ago were you born? A multiple of ten?

  2. what a special date indeed. The writer seems to be well versed- no pun intended-in the world of sports. I like the way this flows, with 10s dispersed and a celebration to come.

  3. The idea of living in the now makes this poem special. I like the reference to one of my Favre-ite QBs. The tone is lighthearted enough to elicit a laugh, but serious enough for the realization that living forever is not a reality.


  4. Hope this makes it a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And if you win the lotto, let me know~~

  5. ...from Jack Bowman:

    Sorry, nothing good to say.