Jim Babwe

a thousand decoded memories

shortened handwritten content threatened. frightened intermittent intensity. softened kindergarten, forgotten.
unintentionally forgotten potential. unintentionally forgotten attention. beaten. unfastened. softened. forgotten.

tense, intentionally tightened tenacious sentences pretend omnipotence. competent attention listens.
persistent attentive retention tightens content. potentially tenacious antennae listens intently.

unintentionally forgotten attention listens, tender intensity softens, extends softened tendrils.
extends potential. extends listening. extends attention. extends content. extends enlightenment.

unfastened. fastened. forgotten. unforgotten. unintended. intended. unintentional. intentional. competent. persistent.
enlightenment's extended tendrils listen. enlightenment's extended tendrils tenaciously fasten existence.

extended attention. extended content. extended potential. extended listening. extended contentment.
attentive, content, tender, intentional sentences extend potential. listen. listen. listen.


  1. This poem has to be read and paid attention to closely, since the meaning in it can be lost of read too quickly.While there's a central theme of the entire poem, each stanza has its own theme, making it part of the whole. Fantastic!