Wanda VanHoy Smith


Whose genius invention, the one to ten scale for perfection?
It wasn't Einstein the father of relativity discoverer of stars,
ten million times hotter than the sun just like thee.
Hollywood is more likely guilty of the scale measuring desirability.
My ten is sexier than Bo Derek queen of Ten.
Handsomer than John Wayne in a white ten gallon hat.
Swifter than Lance on a ten speed bike in France.
More fun than boot kicken a Texas Ten Step dance.
Swinging even more than Dave Brubeck playing “Take Five” twice.
Shake the dice and hope your tentative poem scores ten.


  1. We counted our fingers and came up with 10, and much like this poem, there are aspects to 10. I love the line, "more fun than a book kicken a Texas Ten Step dance." "Take Five" twice. Lovely and whimsical, from the stars to shaken dice..

  2. There are several very good ones here, and it was a clever idea also, to request a poem about "10", but number #3 is my favorite....!

  3. This poem is clever about its cleverness, and so quite amazing. I love the plays on "ten" – and particularly love "'Take Five' twice"
    Also love the cavalcade of great images. This poem scores a 10 and shakes my dice!

  4. ...from Jack Bowman:

    Ok--some good lines.