Lupe Quezada


I'm gorged with such thought with your body this near,
I do hope to display you this very same year.
Long enough you won't last, far too soon you'll decay.
I must devise a synopsis of ten ways I'll flay.
With blade tight in hand and your flesh now exposed
the room smells of warm sulfur as the candlelight glows.
The most sought after cut is what I'll cut first.
I butcher ladies and lads seeking the youngest flesh first.
For ten dollars a pound you'll eat the best meat.
At My Butcher Shop "You Always Are What You Eat!"


  1. ...from Jack Bowman:

    Hannibal Lecter's Cookbook...ghastly.

  2. ...from Gary Imperial:

    Enjoyed the clever use of rhyme. And the flow was melodic to the point that I could hear it as a dark nursery rhyme. Also enjoyed the first person point of view. Reminded me of a butcher shop you'd find in a haunted maze. I love the last line and thought the title was very cleaver...I mean clever, well both apply.