Neva Wallace


TEN, you say, is currently the subject of our poem?
TEN, a digit thing about which to write a tome.
TEN, I calculate as my number of fingers and toes.
TEN other things I’ll find, since you’re not counting those.
TEN of this and TEN of that, would anyone believe,
TEN is just the numeral I have up my sleeve?
TEN, that curious number – I think I get the gist.
TEN words in every line? Well okay, if you insist.
TEN lines, of course, that’s how many we should write!
TEN words in TEN lines – did I get that right?


  1. ...from Mary Torregrossa:

    This poem flows well in both meter and rhyme. It does not seem forced in concept or word choice. Though it is humorous and light verse it is well-crafted and thought out. It shows the narrator thinking out loud and creating the poem at the same time while considering the reader and the sponsor of the contest. It welcomes everybody to the table of the ditty master!

  2. ...from Gary Imperial:

    Strong reference of the subject matter, like how it broke down all the details of the contest.

  3. The light tone and consistent flow of this poem make it another one of my favorites. The repetition of the word "ten" at the beginning of the lines reinforce the poem's theme, so that the rest of the line can be slightly silly and still work.