Anita Holzberg

10 zucchinis make havoc with the field of their dreams
Lemons lurk on lemon trees disguised by tall green leaves
Lettuce wilts on 115 degree plates on a LA patio
Purple plums rise as fall comes almost too soon here
Pastry chefs stand to reason with chocolate pumpkin raisin cake
Wedding Chefs learn quickly to create dreams skillfully and soon
Popcorn of every variety: kettle corn, garlic, just popped hoot
Pumpkins pop orange their flavor and colored candies float far
Avocados green as the season sprouts good fats into sky
Food freaks and nutrition experts allude to new attitudes now


  1. Best line is the last line. So much conflict today over nutrition.

  2. Makes food exciting, colorful and fun.

  3. ...from Jack Bowman:

    Recipe--made me hungry.

  4. It's F@ll & suddenly food's what's on our body's mind.

  5. ...from Gary Imperial:

    Liked all the food references very colorful and inviting.

  6. Yummy! This poem is making me hungry. Good thing I just ate. I think these are references to the shifting opinions about food and nutrition. Either way, it's a delicious poem.