Tim Tipton


It is now Ten O’clock. My head is wide awake
Is it a barking dog Or a screaming child crying
for it’s mother? Is it cloudy outside or am I
in a smoke filled room? Is it that my heart
is still beating Or am I dead? Is it California
Or Iraq? What day of the week is it, tell
me? What a chain of thoughts I have in my
Brain I crave slumber and freedom from thought a clean
Slate and a vacant box, let me start all over
Again with nothing to show for my past for once.


  1. Fresh with lovely questions sent into the ethers. Lots of spontaneous charm. I would, however, drop that last line. i think it's one of those afterthoughts that weakens the brilliance of what's already there. I'm no poetry critic though.

  2. ...from Gary Imperial:

    A powerful ten little lines. I like the melancholy in the last line.